Scannable resume tips

Scannable Resume Tips

Make Your Resume Readable by Employers & Computers

Use a standard paragraph format, don't use multi-columns
Don't have lines, graphics, italics, or bullets
Don't use unusal formats such as small font sizes, graphics, newsletter layouts, etc.
Don't use paper that is too dark or print that is too light
Use a single font size, 12-14 points is best
Use sans serif family fonts such as Ariel or Helvetica
Laser-printed quality is best for hard copy
Have your name at the top
Have your contact information on separate lines. Have separate lines for your name,
address, city-state-zip code, phone, fax, & email address
Place your name at the top of subsequent pages
Distinguish section headings by using capitals letters
Use more than one page, if necessary
Don't use headers or footers
Use an outline format for your job duties, without using bullets

Remember.... you want your resume to be as clean and readable as possible. Make sure that your resume meets todays' scannable standards.

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