Your Resume

Chronological format from the most recent job
Make sure job titles can be verified
Focus on accomplishments and results
Keep it brief - one to two pages
Keep it neat, free of spelling, typographical and grammatical errors
Keep it easy to read

Remember.... Employers are looking for the important facts about
a candidate and will rush over lengthy resumes. Most hiring officials will
initially spend about 30 to 45 seconds scanning over resumes.

The Telephone Interview

Your goal is to get a personal interview
Have resume, notes and dates available
Eliminate background noises
Be enthusiastic and assertive
Speak directly into the mouthpiece
Let the company interviewer do most of the talking
Avoid Yes/No answers—use facts and examples
Ask questions
Find out the specific job responsibilities
Takes notes
Never ask about salary or benefits
Confirm pronunciation and spelling of interviewer’s name and title
Do not eat, chew gum or smoke
Express interest in the job & ask to get together to discuss it further
Thank the interviewer for calling

Remember....Employers are looking for people who are enthusiastic about
coming to work with them. Show them you are motivated and will be an asset
to their company. DON'T dwell on why you are leaving your current job. Be
positive, let them know that it’s their job that you want and their company you
want to be a part of.

Preparing for Your Personal Interview

Take time to learn about the company
Inventory your skills and think how they benefit the company you're interviewing with
Practice being at ease while talking about yourself
List key questions the interviewer might ask, then plan and rehearse your responses
Prepare questions to ask when you have the opportunity
Double check that you have everything you need for the interview

Remember....Job opportunities are won or lost in the personal interview.
It is not necessarily the most qualified person who gets the job offer, but the
person who make the best presentation of his/her qualifications.

The Personal Interview

Make your first impression a good one
Your goal is to get a job offer
Dress conservatively
Arrive about 15 minutes early to check your appearance
Take copies of your resume
Take notepad and pencil to note the names & titles of your interviewers
Fill out company’s application form completely - do not write “see resume”
On salary write “open”
Greet the interviewer formally
Body language is important
Sit up straight, looking poised and alert
Maintain eye contact
Follow interviewer lead
Be tactful
Honesty is best policy
Ask for the job- let interviewer know you’re interested
Let interviewer bring up salary
Write down names and titles of interviewers
Thank interviewers for their time and interest
Send thank you notes, again expressing your interest in the job

Remember....Your most important goals in interviewing are to make
a positive impression and to get a job offer. You never get a second chance
to make a good first impression.

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