RLR Resources Principals


Rita Longino, CPC President and Owner
Ms. Longino brings 30 years of administrative and management experience to the firm in designing, 
implementing and administering strategic human resources development programs for all levels of private and 
governmental employees, including corporate and contractor boards of directors. Ms. Longino also directed materials
management and distribution and facilities management for organizations throughout the Southwest. She has provided 
management and consulting services for businesses and area-wide systems in Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico. For 
the past 15 years she has concentrated on designing recruitment, retention and development programs for technical 
professionals in all sectors.  She has special expertise in developing performance criteria based assessments and 
evaluating effectiveness of performance based development programs.  Ms. Longino has extensive work experience in 
developing executive performance criteria, assessing behavior, identifying gaps and appropriate development plans 
and implementing appropriate coaching strategies. Ms. Longino earned the designation of Certified Personnel 
Consultant, CPC, from the National Association of Personnel Consultants recognizing her professional qualifications 
and has also received her Bachelors in History.

Roy Soto, CPC Vice President
Mr. Soto has served in executive positions in several departments with New Mexico state and municipal 
governments. Most recently,  Mr. Soto served as Cabinet Secretary for the New Mexico Department of Information 
Technology. Mr. Soto has spent his career working in various management and consulting areas including information 
technology, cyber-security, government and private sector contracting and public affairs. He has experience in  
recruitment and retention programs throughout the west.  He has been responsible for department-wide financial, human 
resources, information technology and telecommunications functions. He has special expertise in information technology 
systems, cyber-security and telecommunications. He brings 30 years of administrative and management experience to assist
our clients with their specialized recruitment needs. Mr. Soto has also earned the designation of Certified Personnel 
Consultant, CPC, from the National Association of Personnel Consultants.  

Laura V. Soto Senior Research Analyst
Ms. Soto has extensive experience in the research and analysis field with special emphasis on passive candidate
recruitment. She has had major research and analysis responsibilities with municipal and federal government agencies, 
large non-profit organizations and private sector companies including a large national publication. Ms. Soto is a 
graduate of the Plan II Honors program at the University of Texas at Austin.

Selected Senior Consultants

Aaron Bailey Senior Consultant
Mr. Bailey, an aeronautical engineer, consults on strategies to identify, recruit and retain the key technical professionals
required by today's changing technology.

Don DeVito Senior Consultant
Mr. DeVito brings extensive experience in HR, Organizational Development and Operations to assist clients  with recruiting,
staffing and development issues.

BJ Jones Senior Consultant
Ms. Jones served as HR Director for a major national research laboratory and develops strategies to improve HR processes 
related to recruiting, retaining and developing technical professionals.

Margie Kufer Senior Consultant
Ms. Kufer has broad experience and expertise in HR operations, compensation and benefits, process improvement and 
organizational development and change

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